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The following projects were successfully completed during the past several years.

Company Project Description
City of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
VoIP Feasibility.  As a contributor to a project awarded to R3D Consulting Inc., reviewed and reported on the results of earlier VoIP trials, conducted site surveys at a representative number of City locations (large, medium and small) and assessed readiness for VoIP, prepared and issued an RFI to gather configuration and pricing information from vendors, and prepared a TCO/ROI cost model and analysis on potential VoIP cost savings.
Toronto Hydro
Toronto, Ontario
Asset Management.  Prepared strategic and tactical plans, including executive presentations, project status report templates, work breakdown structures and Gantt schedules.  This involved Asset Management as a whole, as well as individual projects and programs within three Asset Management groups: Equipment (Fleet), Facilities, and Supply Chain (Procurement).
Allotel Telecommunications
Burnaby, BC
Bangalore, India
VoIP CLEC-ILEC Interconnection.  Planned and negotiated the interconnection arrangements between, a VoIP service provider, Bell Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and TELUS (Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton).  DS3 and DS1 voice trunking, as well as SS7 signalling interconnections at each CLEC-ILEC were established.  Advised Allotel on the CRTC's CLEC requirements, NPA-NXX, company codes, and industry bodies.
Operations Blueprint.  Prepared a planning framework to guide Allotel in establishing the required people, processes and tools to efficiently and effectively provide VoIP services to retail and wholesale customers in Canada, the USA and worldwide.
Starplex Scientific Inc.
North York, Ontario
Production Automation.  This project focussed on reducing unit cost and increasing production capacity through several production line enhancements, including multi-cavity injection moulds, redesigned specialty machines, and automating packaging using pick-and-place robots.
Computer Vision.  This project integrated computer vision technology into the plastic container manufacturing and packaging process, eliminating material handling, detecting product non-conformance, and collecting statistical data for real-time as well as longer-term analysis and feedback.
Bell Fleet Solutions
North York, Ontario
Remote Monitoring Service.  Prepared a detailed project plan and established total implementation cost and timeframe for development of a unique, innovative product and support service for tracking and monitoring portable and mobile assets.
Bell Mobility, Fido Solutions, Rogers Wireless and TELUS
Mississauga, Montreal, Toronto and Burnaby
Canadian Hotspot Roaming Alliance.  Provided program management services for this multi-carrier industry project to develop and implement inter-carrier Wi-Fi roaming (and the "hotspot" brand) in Canada.  The market launch was successfully completed in May 2005, and expansion of network and service capabilities, including international roaming, continued until December 2007.
Rogers Wireless
Toronto, Ontario
Accounts Receivable Process Optimization.  Led a team of expert Rogers and third-party personnel to map and optimize all collections processes used by Toronto and Montreal call centres, to maximize collection effectiveness.  In addition to processes, on-line job aids, step-by-step references and collector training was developed and delivered.
W3 Connex Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario
Broadband Wireless Start-Up.  Deployed and operated "fully-open" rural broadband network serving Prince Edward County, Ontario, using license-free access and transport in 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.  Planned initial deployments and upgrades of "fully-open" hybrid fibre and wireless broadband networks in Blue Sky Region, South Dundas Township and Haliburton County, Ontario.
Orco L.P.
Denver, Colorado
Broadband Wireless Start-Up.  Conduct opportunity assessment, then co-ordinate and edit a comprehensive business plan for the most promising opportunity, to serve the US market.  Six core project team members and a similar number of part-time associates were assigned to this project, which required eight months and a budget of $650,000.
Combined Telecom Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Data Services Definition.  Identify large enterprise customer requirements, establish supplier capabilities, define data services portfolio, estimate take-up potential, and reflect forecast revenues and costs in the consolidated financial plan.
Billing Sourcing and Implementation.  Establish requirements, identify and assess supplier alternatives, develop implementation plan with billing service supplier, telco carrier services group, and Combined Telecom billing, operations and financial staff, and ensure systems, software, processes were implemented, staff were trained, and all functions were fully tested prior to beginning full production.
Service Implementation Plans.  Develop standard project templates for planning, implementation and cutover of large business, institutional and educational customers, and tailor individual project plans for a large hospital and a multi-campus university.
Rogers AT&T Wireless Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
eCare.  To support the Rogers group of companies' new web ordering presence,, two fully-equipped new customer care facilities, with a new email-handling system, web access system, and customer care support processes, were implemented.  These facilities were staffed by Rogers customer service representatives especially recruited for web-based customer support functions.  Full training programs were developed and delivered to ensure readiness coincident with the launch of  The project was completed in seven months.
Bundled Care.  Design implementation framework integrating separate customer care teams to provide "one-number" support to customers of bundled service packages (cable, cellular, paging, data), nationally across multiple regional call centers.
Toronto Hydro
Toronto, Ontario
FleetAnywhere Implementation.  A Y2K-compatible software package was implemented to replace several non-Y2K-compatible systems and integrate vehicle operations and maintenance, safety reporting and parts inventory over four vehicle depots in the newly-amalgamated City of Toronto.  The work included system, server and network upgrades, process development, equipment data capture and data entry, documentation, user training, stockroom reorganization, parts renumbering and bar-coding, and full Y2K compliance testing.  The project was completed in a record-breaking four months, a month ahead of the Y2K deadline, and for half the original budget.
Etobicoke, Ontario
Broadband Wireless Business Plan.  RegionalVision Inc. was licensed by Industry Canada to offer Local Multipoint Communication Services (LMCS) in 127 small Canadian communities.  A top-notch team was recruited, and after conducting initial market and supplier research, a practical business plan was developed.  Deployment in regional community clusters was proposed, offering broadband data connectivity for private networking and high-speed Internet access.
Rogers Cantel
North York, Ontario
Digital PCS Launch and Rollout.  Led strategy development and detailed planning for first-to-market Canadian Digital PCS offering.  Upon approval of plans, responsible for timely implementation, with a team of three project managers and their cross-functional teams.  Services, network infrastructure, customer support and marketing programs were delivered on schedule for national rollout, and customer penetration and satisfaction targets were overachieved.  
Program Management.  Launched the program management group within Rogers Cantel as specialized resource centre, to lead cross-functional project teams to plan and deliver key strategic programs.  Such programs included merchandising, store redesign, resale, and Customer Base Management concept, process design, implementation planning and rollout.

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