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Our Principles define the core of our project management philosophy and approach, to develop and inspire high-performance project teams.

Role.  The project manager is a facilitator of team efforts, not the dictator.
Teamwork.  Team members must have a clear understanding of, and commitment to, the project goals, and believe they will benefit through achievement of those goals.
Visibility.  Project goals must be broken down logically into a sequence of tasks, each of which can be completed within one or two weeks (so start/completion dates can be easily monitored).
Risks.  Potential risks must be identified as part of early planning, preventive and contingency plans must developed, and ongoing risk assessment must be integrated with regular status meetings.
Commitment.  Each team member must be willing to commit to estimates and schedule, and take full accountability for completion of assigned tasks; their commitment must be backed by their resource manager.
Attitude.  The project team must adopt an open attitude and collaborative spirit that encourages early warning and problem-solving, and discourages fault-finding and blame.
Communication.  Regular weekly team review of status; immediate escalation, attention and daily tracking until late or problematic tasks are completed
Documentation.  Accurate and complete documentation of plans and weekly progress is required to focus on completion of planned tasks and rapid corrective action if required.

Our Principles are mirrored in a step-by-step Methodology, which marshals individual and collective effort to successfully achieve project goals.

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