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Our Principles are mirrored in our step-by-step Methodology based on "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide, an ANSI/PMI Standard).

Identify Project Requirements.  There must be a clear understanding of "what 'done' looks like."  Project requirements are discussed in consultation with the client, and documented in a Project Charter which defines scope, key milestones, project organization, and identifies resources to be assigned for the planning phase.
Develop Project Plan.  The project manager facilitates discussions with the assigned resources to identify the sequence of activities or tasks which will achieve project goals.  These activities will be grouped into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).  Resources and estimates of effort and time are then collected, and the resulting draft plan is reviewed by the project team.  Activity descriptions are written, the plan is fine-tuned, signed-off by all team members, and then finalized as the Baseline Project Plan following a formal review and acceptance by the client.
Project Kick-Off.  A walkthrough review of the project plan is held, with the project team and their resource managers in attendance.  This ensures clear communication of project organization and individual responsibilities, and also ensures full consensus to support the Project Charter and the Baseline Project Plan.
Weekly Review/Report.  Active team members are required to attend a one-hour weekly project status review.  Typically these reviews are conducted through a combination of face-to-face meetings and teleconferences.  The status of each active task is reviewed, in terms of Plans, Progress and Problems.  Meeting Minutes are published within 24 hours, including an updated Action Register which tracks the resolution of issues and activities by assigned responsibility, and a Project Tracking Report which compares progress (time and cost) to baseline plan, and provides a current forecast to completion.
Problem-Solving.  A one-hour problem-solving session is generally scheduled to follow each weekly review, for immediate resolution of problems.  Only those team members required for resolution need attend.  Critical problems which threaten the project schedule may be escalated for executive attention and resolution assistance, using a Red Flag Report.  Other problems may simply be tracked in the Action Register for resolution by the responsible team member(s).
Milestone Review.  At key project milestones, a review meeting is held to review and accept the project deliverables required for each milestone, accepting the deliverables with required changes noted, and approving continuing the project to the next milestone.
Project Completion.  When all planned tasks and milestones are complete, a formal project completion meeting is held to wrap-up the project and celebrate the project team's success.  For this meeting, a Project Completion Report is prepared, which details actual progress against plan, identifies any follow-up actions, records lessons learned, and makes recommendations which should be applied to future projects.

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